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C-Mor Lighting Systems

Revolutionary patent-pending rig lighting systems. Our experience with our customers on-site led our engineers to create a lighting system that is safer, cleaner, and more economical than anything available in the US.

Anyone that says they believe in Safety better have a Jewel on top of the Crown.

Chris Caskey, Marathon Oil

Our proprietary, 5-year warrantied LED lights and structure were developed with SAFETY as the primary concern. The customization, engineering and flexibility of design, allow for use on virtually all oilfield derricks and can eliminate the need for conventional light towers. The patent-pending rig mounted lighting system, is a customizable pole mounted assembly which mounts directly to the handrails of the Rig Crown via secured brackets and backup safety cables. Weighing under 500 pounds it is the lightest, brightest rig mounted site lighting system that exists.

Tower of Light Systems features a proprietary mast guidance system, which provide increased stability during high winds. The manual winch raises and lower the 6 LED light tower in a controlled manner, during setup and tear down, or to the 32’ maximum elevation point.

C-MOR’s Patent Pending Mobile Tower Light Systems are mobile light towers with multiple versions extending and articulating 40 to 125 feet above ground. The mobility of the system allows for site lighting flexibility to achieve maximum light coverage where needed most.

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